• 2015
  • Essence
  • eVolo Skyscraper
  • Konrad BASAN, Ewa ODYJAS, Agnieszka MORGA, Jakub PUDO

Away from everyday routines, in a city center, a secret garden as a building combining both: an architecture and a nature is proposed. The main goal of the project is to position non-architectural phenomena in a dense, urban fabric, by using the building as a neutral background. An inspiration rooted in the nature allowed to form a representation of external worlds in a shape of the vertical structure. Overlapping landscapes like an ocean, a jungle, a cave, a waterfall, so on and so forth, tend to stimulate diverse and complex range of sensual experiences – not only visual, but also acoustic, thermal, olfactory, kinesthetic, etc. A group of basic elements used as requisites in the design process contain results of some of the environmental processes. They translate the building through an impression – a roam-like experience.

Huge open floor plan forms spectacular entrance area, cropped by the water floor, a gigantic fish tank lifted up to 30 meters above the ground and a group of columns set up to surround the plaza, while supporting the building structure. The main body of the building is divided into 11 various landscapes. They are meant to form an environmentally justified sequence open to the public. Three among the levels contain technical facilities in order to control all the demanded conditions.

The sequence of the landscapes might become a variable set of routes dedicated to different shades of adventure. Some proposals inspired by major representatives of historically acclaimed geographic discoveries are possible.