• 2015
  • NAOS
  • Design a beautiful house

Intensively inspired and highly motivated by knotty times and alternate cultures, beauty like no other term in the history has been obliged to bear the mark of every unstable contemporaneity. Ironically – getting a precise single image of a beautiful house is impossible, whilst getting clear thought on it is almost instinctive. Although it is so unpopular these days to discriminate beauty considering visual arts or architecture, hopefully still we find it tremendously hard to meet these expectations by not resisting the act of admiration. Beauty is the habit.

The main goal of the proposal is to provide a temple of the family life. A Naos House is supposed to combine both – traditional spirit and contemporary body. It’s shape is regular rectangle measuring 36 by 46 meters and it is positioned in the place defined by the competition brief. The building is almost fully glazed, single-floor pavilion with the observation deck on the top of it. Since the family contains one disabled person, the functional programme is totally hosted by the ground floor. By getting simultaneously – the orientation and the material, the building is hopefully receptive for the landscape with all its advantageous quality. In order to make use of the environmental aspect of the site, Naos House is designed as combination of external and internal spaces composed adjacently towards each other. The core of the body consists of main living area, additionally including the kitchen island and the dining area. It is accessible by three fully-glazed corridors. The outlying spaces are set up sequentially in form of private rooms and open areas. This shape gives place to all the other facilities splitting them into opposite wings by centrally oriented axis. The external spaces are accessible by mammoth sized sliding glazed doors. The private and social areas are defined by the curtains, transparent and non-transparent, solid surfaces.