• 2017
  • Europan 14 - Productive Cities
  • Sibenik - Croatia
  • 1st Award
  • Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga
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Land ho!
The dynamics of global processes deeply redefine local conditions the world over. The change is vividly reflected in contemporary trends considering basic urban policies. Shifting towards  customer – contractor society generated leftover landscapes, which – regarding modernistic zoning and the scale of the traditional industry seem to be vast new, but not a virgin territory.

This negative post-industrial heritage – brownfield plots as well as the event of mass unemployment are highly expected to get their subjectivity in order to become recognized as a potential of change.

The idea.
Considering resiliency as highly desirable effect, the key idea of the project is to redevelop and bring the waterfront back to the common public space and make it self-organizing, self-sufficient  integral part of the city with some of its spatial features ready to remodel in order to follow rapidly changing conditions. Since over-scaled investments generate significant risks, with all their negative consequences, the proposal include a set of spatial tools empowering the citizens to take grassroots participatory acts in the re-development.

Since socio-environmental standards are increasingly recognized, every effort should meet measureable requirements in regard to their foreseen impact on the conditions of the future living. It is crucial to allow variable stakeholders regardless of their financial abilities to join the common effort on the way to the resiliency.

The general tactic in reference to the proposal is to divide and share the plots among variable stakeholders, including so called engines of change as well as regular local craftsmen and entrepreneurs. It is significant to provide them with a set of relevant rules along with simple urban underlay to develop and maintain on their own. General spatial-functional disposition avoids traditional flat zoning. Instead of it the proposal includes a hybrid of functions with physical fields of a potential ready to develop by the user.

To attract the engines of change the project points at potential public realm. The densely developed coastline fostered by hotels, sport facilities and greenery is a natural scenery for tourist and recreation programme. The proposal emphasizes truly flexible public routes. They are expected to follow conditions like time and economy but most of all the citizens participatory initiatives. The pedestrian routes are highly expected to change freely.